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Stud Welding Accessories

from our Welding Division

New!   3" spanner wrench for HLV lathe 2 inch collet spindle adapter.


New!  Spanner wrench for 5C 1-3/4 square collet holder nut.

  New!  5C 1-3/4 square collet holder hand grip nut.



 A newly designed high quality ink fountain blade. "True Blue" is presently manufactured to fit many models of presses. The blade adjusts smoothly and accurately, maintains set and has excellent ink to roll regulation. Easy clean-up is provided by maintaining the smooth surface finish of the blade. This is accomplished using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

  ( HB38-1  4 color ) 


  1. Quality blue tempered spring steel blade.
  2. Black-oxide coated backing plate
  3. No machining done to blade so temper of steel is not changed
  4. Spring steel blade is removable from backing plate
  5. Blade kits are available for low cost replacement
  6. No straightening or machining is required after blade is assembled
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